What is the criteria of an “Ideal Business”?

Most of my readers know that I prefer real estate investing over owning any business. But I am involved in many businesses such as my real estate syndications, the education company, the tax reduction company, the real estate management company and soon we will be launching a full fledged crowd funding website and portal. In … Read more

Communicate or else!

Do you know what causes lawsuits, divorce and even wars? The main cause is NO Communication. When people cut off communication with each other the only remedy becomes fighting.  I think if two people communicate long enough, eventually they will find some points of agreement on reality and when they do, they will start to … Read more

The Perfect City for a Real Estate Investor

Have you ever been to a place where you thought to yourself, “Wow this is a cool place! I like it here.” If so, have you asked yourself, why you had this impression? What was it that you liked so much about that particular city or town? Well, as a real estate investor and hedge … Read more