Start the Automated Investing Process

Complete the online documents:
1. Purchaser Qualification Questionnaire & Acknowledgment
2. Subscription Agreement & Investment Letter

Wait 20 seconds while the PPM downloads to your screen.

When you begin filling out the documents below, the will guide you through the requirements. Once you get to the bottom of the document you can always CLICK the yellow arrow to be directed back to any of the fill able areas you missed. Once you have filled out all the requirements you will click the SUBMIT button.

Your signed subscription agreement has been emailed securely to Cherif Medawar, MIGSIF Fund Manager, to be approved and countersigned.

After you receive the countersigned subscription agreement you will receive a confirmation email of your approval and a copy of your signed documents. The wiring instructions will also be included on the email.

Watch MIGSIF at Work!

Meet Cherif and watch as he documents his remodel process and tours the latest MIGSIF properties.
These projects are each in a different stage of the remodel. Click here for the finished product.
View the property gallery and virtual tours.