Current Projects

Always think of the highest and best use of your time based on your talent and skills. And then think of the highest and best use of your money based on the certainty of the returns within a specified period. If you can do this, then investing will be easy for you. If you can’t, then you will confuse the safer and steadier long-term investment returns with the potentially higher but erratic, and unpredictable speculative ones.

Cherif Medawar and MIGSIF are different. With Cherif, you get:

Direct contact with the Fund Manager for financial advice regarding your investment in MIGSIF and the market(s) in general.

Transparent reports on the current investment strategies and all properties owned, managed and developed in the fund.

Investment solutions created to help meet your needs and wealth goals.

A long-term or very short-term approach to keep your investing on track. PLUS no fees. Easy terms to cash out.

Regardless of your current age, income or goals, it's important to begin developing a plan today. Investing with Cherif gives you the information you need to make sound investing decisions.

Investing in MIGSIF is a simple, streamlined process. Begin earning returns within 24 hours.


In California: We are currently rehabbing 6 high end residential properties under both MIGSIF LLC and MIGSIF2 LLC:

80 6th Ave. San Francisco, CA

156 Liberty St., San Francisco, CA

266 Pacheco St., San Francisco, CA

883 Carolina St., San Francisco, CA

2725 Broadway St., San Francisco, CA

2760 Vallejo St., San Francisco, CA

120 Brewster St. San Francisco, CA


In the Bay Area: We are managing a portfolio of 7 luxury residential rehabs that are currently under construction and will be listed over the next 12 months.

West Coast FL Residential Developments 10 Single Family Homes Under Construction

Old San Juan, PR Mixed-use & Retail Buy & Hold

In Puerto Rico: We are holding 18 properties for cash flow under MIGSIF3 LLC. 11 commercial mixed use and 7 residential. You can see these at www.crepr.com

65 Fortaleza St, Old San Juan, PR (under contract)