Past Properties

With MIGSIF you will notice that we don’t have “sexy” investments of the day. We stick with proven, long-term investment strategies in the markets we have boots on the ground in.

Lake Street, San Francisco
Masonic Avenue, San Francisco
25th Street, San Francisco
Lapidge Street, San Francisco

2412 Lake St, San Francisco, CA (On the market)

2531 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA (Just sold)

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Meet Cherif and watch as he documents his remodel process and tours the latest MIGSIF properties.
These projects are each in a different stage of the remodel. Click here for the finished product.
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368 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA 94114
368 Diamond Staging
2470 Broadway St., San Francisco, CA
2975 Lake St., San Francisco
BEFORE Property Under Construction
2975 Lake St. San Francisco
AFTER – Property Rehabbed, Staged, & Sold
101 Maple St.
San Francisco
Clay St,
San Francisco
Clay St,
San Francisco
101 Maple St.
San Francisco