What is the criteria of an “Ideal Business”?

Most of my readers know that I prefer real estate investing over owning any business. But I am involved in many businesses such as my real estate syndications, the education company, the tax reduction company, the real estate management company and soon we will be launching a full fledged crowd funding website and portal. In all of my business listed above there is a direct connection to REAL ESTATE. As I analyzed each business I took time to compile a list of criteria for an “Ideal Business”. Please read it and add to it as you see fit in the comments below.

Here is my list so far:
1) Unlimited Global Market
2) Product needed by people (a basic human need)
3) Low to no market price resistance
4) Profitable through residual income
5) Unique values not available anywhere else
6) Minimum labor
7) Low overhead
8) Low inventory requirements
9) Low capital cost requirements
10) Low to no credit required
11) No equipment
12) Income in cash (no account receivables)
13) Fewer to no government regulations or intervention
14) No complicated permits or licenses to own or operate
15) Portable – movable or can be handled from anywhere
16) Interesting, fun, intellectually stimulating
17) Truly helps others
18) Compounds over time
19) Frees your time – controlling schedule
20) Several avenues of profit
21) Low taxes (incentives and rebates)
22) Easy to pass on (to loved ones)
23) No direct exchange of unit of time for unit of income
24) Can be systematized for predictable work and returns
25) Can be automated through people and processes
26) Can be leveraged (bank desirable)
27) Can be scaled and expanded through duplication (going public)
28) No special degree or complicated/on going education
29) Can work through different economic cycles (up and down markets)
30) Gives you a great reputation and support from others

Again, feel free to add to it in case you feel I missed something. And BTW if you know what kind of business that could be— please share it with everyone you know. The closest I came up with was real estate.

Cherif Medawar
CEO Founder of the ideal business
Launching in the 2nd quarter of 2017
Once we get final approval from FINRA and SEC